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Transcript of Anthony Weiner Facebook Sex Chat With Lisa Weiss

Weiner: ”how did i miss this chance to rock your world by phone? give me another chance! stalk me baby, very hot“

It was an August to June romance, webby-style.

Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss told Radar Online that she had a sexting relationship with Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, and though she promised the congressman she’d never “rat u out” – well, she did.

The site obtained the Facebook transcript from their sexually explicit chatting, which started in August of last year and ended on June 1, just after Weiner accidentally tweeted a picture of his crotch, setting off the scandal that has not yet subsided.

The full 11 page transcript is here (full transcript from Radar Online). We’ve redacted it to give you the arc of the 10 months of exchanges, and to make it safe to read at work, in the main.

Warning: This transcript includes sexual and explicit language.

August 13, 2010

LW: i am trying to find the wonderful anthony wiener who i feel in love with for yelling at those  damn repubs the other day! and u are funny as hell on the daily show! your friend requests are full..you must friend me! you are awesome!

AW: thank you lisa. glad you have my back. you keeping an eye on that wackadoodle (sharon) angle for us?

how insane is she? who needs social security, medicare or education? if this wacko wins my  state i swear i will have to move! she may be dumber than plain! and that is tough to find!

September 17, 2010

LW: i like this cute new pics of you! when r you coming to vegas to help me beat up the right wing crazies?

AW: this is my "pull my finger" shot. glad you like. i'm ready for a vegas trip. truth telling during the day. got a night plan for us?

haha..that was a very loaded questions! i've got all kinds of night plans for us! when are you coming?

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dunno. make me an offer i can't refuse….

to get us in the mood. first we watch back to back episodes of the daily show and colbert report…then, to really spice things up we go deface all of my neighbor's sharon angle yard signs…then when we are really hot we go to the bookstore and cover all of the glen beck books with copies of "the audacity of hope!"…i do this about once a week (you can tell i am a very exciting girl!)…or if this i not your thing, we can just get drunk and have mad, passionate sex!

i hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others

of course! it is all about taking care of the little guy!

little?! ouch. you'd be surprised how big' 

September 22, 2010

LW: i am drunk and thinking about you…what have u done u done to me? i am being bold and leaving u my number..call me 702 — —-!

i am super drunk right now..ooops! and zoo want to talk to u! am i like a Facebook stalker? am i allowed to drunk dial a congressman? i think u r so totally hot and u r lucky i don't have your number right now…

AW: how did i miss this chance to rock your world by phone? give me another chance!  stalk me baby, very hot.

September 29, 2010

AW: i was on tv this morning. you check me out?

why didn't you tell me? i sooo missed u! what channel? call me dammit!


aawww  you left me naked and unsatisfied in front of my computer….you are such a tease! i have to get a webcam!

February 2, 2011

LW: where are you you hot congressman? let's have some fb sex?

AW: hey sexy baby. i miss you.

honey! miss u too! what have you been up to? soooo wanted to drunk dial you last

night…..wish i had your number!

March 16, 2011

ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?

yea. can u send a pic? I want to sit on your c*** so bad right now

jeez. i'm rushing. let me take a quick pic

awesome…how do I get it? right on here? 

how are you going to work with a raging h**d on?

it won't go away, and now I'm taking pics of it, making me ha**er still."

May 31st 2011

omg! are u okay? so sorry u got hacked…i know u would never do anything like have fb sex or take pics of your c***…who is the b***** who ratted u out? I am the only fb chick u can trust

June 1, 2011

u owe me big time for keeping this all quiet…i am defending u to the death on every blog and to everyone….telling everyone u would never send dirty messages to women

i know u haven't been on here since u were hacked but i NEED to talk to u…someone contacted me about u…call me or something