‘Trash Fire’ Director Ricky Bates Jr. Proposes to Girlfriend at Premiere of Adrian Grenier Movie

Sundance 2016: After answering questions from press all day, the filmmaker had one of his own, and — Spoiler Alert! — she said “Yes!”

Writer-director Ricky Bates Jr. used the world premiere of his new movie “Trash Fire” to propose to his girlfriend, who fortunately said “yes.”

While the identity of the bride-to-be was not immediately revealed and it’s unclear how long she has been dating Bates, the filmmaker couldn’t have picked a more appropriate time to pop the question, which kicked off the post-screening Q&A at the Sundance Film Festival in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

“Trash Fire” stars Adrian Grenier as a troubled man who takes his pregnant girlfriend (Angela Trimbur) to visit what remains of his estranged family — evangelical grandmother Violet (Fionnula Flanagan) and burn-victim sister Pearl (AnnaLynne McCord). Without giving anything away, it’s safe to say that their visit to grandma’s house does not go well.

It’s certainly not the most romantic movie to precede a marriage proposal, but kudos to Bates and his fiancée. May their marriage be blessed with the happiness that eludes the characters in “Trash Fire.”

Watch the acceptance video above, and let us know if you think you’d have the guts to propose marriage in public in the comments section below.