Treadmill Viral Dance Video Guy Returns With New Routine (Video)

Carson Dean scored nearly 9 million views with last viral video

Viral star Carson Dean is trying to re-create his past success with a new video.

The dancer behind the viral “Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance” earlier this year has uploaded a new video about dancing in the gym. Where the last video featured just one stationary camera with Dean dancing to the Mark Ronson radio hit alone on a treadmill, the new routine ups the production value.

The latest video, titled “The Fitness Club (Dance),” adds lights, backup dancers and a second treadmill to mix.

Watch the video.

The Fitness Club (Dance)- Carson DeanLacking motivation in the gym? I HAVE A SOLUTION! CUE the music CUE the lights! If everyone Busted out dance moves at the gym (Like me) This is what it would look like! 😉 Posted by Carson Dean on Tuesday, November 3, 2015
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