Trevor Noah Blasts Democratic Leadership for ‘Performative’ Responses to Abortion Decision: ‘People Just Want Things Done’

Reading poetry and singing on the steps of the Capitol doesn’t cut it, the “Daily Show” host said

Trevor Noah took aim at Democratic leadership for what he perceives as a lack of proper action in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson last week, which overturned Roe v. Wade.

“The Supreme Court is shutting everything down, people are rising up in the streets, and the Democrats? Well, they responded in a way that only the Democrats can,” he said during Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

He then rolled several news clips from the past few days, explaining that Democrats had been sending out fundraising emails — and even sang “God Bless America” on the steps of the Capitol. At a press conference on Friday, Nancy Pelosi read a poem. Michigan Rep. Andy Levin tweeted a photo of himself in a yoga pose, encouraging his constituents to turn to the practice during times of “intense anger.”

The tweet appears to have been deleted, but Noah had it displayed on screen — showcasing Levin with his head on the ground and his legs splayed above him.

“I feel like that’s the perfect yoga pose for Democratic leadership,” Noah said. “Very little action and your head is basically up your own ass.

“I don’t know if anybody voted for the performative aspect,” Noah continued. “People just want things done. No one cares about Kente cloths or singing on the Capitol steps, and especially not poetry. I feel like any minute now, Chuck Schumer is going to throw on a fake pregnant belly and take a knee in the Capitol and be like, ‘We are all pregnant now and we’re standing together.’”

Noah pointed out that, instead of singing a song or reading poetry, Republican leadership “just gets things done.” He added that the Democrats’ response seemed even more shocking, considering the Supreme Court’s draft decision leaked about a month ago.

“Maybe voters should change things up. Maybe you should do a new thing in America. Instead of fundraising emails, you should do fund-rewarding emails. Make the Democrats show you what they’ve done, and then you donate to their cause.”

The late night host did concede that the Biden Administration is doing something in response to the decision, having vowed to fight any attempts to restrict access to the abortion pill nationwide as well as protect people who travel across state lines to get an abortion.

“Plus, the Senate judiciary committee says that they’re gonna hold a hearing next month to explore its options,” he added. “Yeah, so they’re coming through with both too little and too late. Very nice.”

You can watch the full clip above.