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Trevor Noah Uses ‘Game of Thrones’ to Explain the Presidential Election and Bloomberg’s Rise (Video)

Will his past defense of ”stop-and-frisk“ policies get in the way of ”the Imp“ Bloomberg’s quest to beat ”White King“ Trump?

Last Updated: February 14, 2020 @ 7:32 AM

It’s been months since HBO ended “Game of Thrones,” but Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah wants fans to realize there’s a readily-available replacement happening right now: the presidential election.

“Everyone backstabbing!” Noah proclaimed Thursday night. “The House of Bernie has grown in strength and size while facing a challenge from the Kingdom of Buttigieg. Meanwhile, the once-powerful Lord Biden is slowly watching his influence slipping away. And don’t forget once they’re all done fighting each other, they will have to face off against the ultimate enemy: the White King.”

President Donald Trump is the “White King” in this scenario, but Noah made sure to punch up at former New York City Michael Bloomberg, too. The “Daily Show” host labeled Bloomberg, a billionaire who announced his candidacy months after the other Democratic contenders, “the Imp.”

“Just like ‘Game of Thrones,’ there’s one character that’s been off in the wings plotting the whole time,” Noah mused, pointing out that Bloomberg has risen to third place among the Democratic nominees in some national polls and Trump himself has taken notice and started lashing out at him on Twitter.

The whole “Game of Thrones” analogy was a set-up for discussing the “stop-and-frisk” policing policy of the NYPD under Bloomberg.

“Right now, Donald Trump is the least of Mike Bloomberg’s problems. See, the real threat to Bloomberg’s campaign is his past,” Noah said.

Earlier this week, Trump and his re-election team seized old audio of Bloomberg discussing stereotyping young minority men in low-income neighborhoods, calling the former mayor a racist.

After playing the old Bloomberg video, Noah took a serious tone, saying, “Wow. That is not a good look. Think about it: while Bloomberg is out there trying to win the black vote in 2020, he’s on tape in 2015 talking about black people like they’re crime pinatas.”

Watch the entire clip above.