Trevor Noah Says Herschel Walker Abortion Scandal Signals Derailment of Republican Party: ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ (Video)

“Winning is more important than any principle or any value that these politicians once held,” the late night host said

Trevor Noah thinks the allegations that Herschel Walker paid for his girlfriend’s abortion despite being a pro-life Republican Senate candidate is just “the tip of the iceberg” and signals a larger shift in the political party.

“He has multiple allegations of domestic abuse against him including from his ex-wife. His own son, who is a prominent conservative, has said most of the stories are true. And Herschel Walker himself said that sometimes he couldn’t control his own brain,” Noah said during Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

Despite all of those issues, Noah explained that the Republican Party is ready to go “full speed ahead” with the Senate race in Georgia, signaling even further that the party’s top leaders care more about winning than they do about values.

“Donald Trump has completely transformed what being a conservative means, because less than a decade ago, a candidate this hypocritical, this flawed, and this off the rails would not have had the support of the party,” he said. “But because now winning is more important than any principle or any value that these politicians once held, they’re willing to go full speed ahead, even if it means going full speed into a brick wall.”

Noah spent almost three minutes explaining all of Walker’s scandals, before landing on his most recent. The Daily Beast reported earlier Tuesday that one of Walker’s ex-girlfriends claims he paid for her abortion in 2009. She apparently provided a receipt for the procedure, as well as a check allegedly signed by Walker and a “get well soon” card from the former NFL player.

“The only way that could be more of a paper trail was if he bought a souvenir t shirt from the abortion clinics gift shop,” Noah said.

You can watch the entire segment above.