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Colbert Sends Herschel Walker a ‘Get F–ed’ Card After Abortion Scandal (Video)

Colbert’s joke refers to something the anti-abortion candidate allegedly did after paying for an abortion

Stephen Colbert spent a considerable amount of time in his monologue talking about the latest scandal involving Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hershel Walker ā€“ and he delivered some pretty good jokes in the process.

A highlight involved parodying something Walker is said to have done as part of the controversy in which he’s accused of paying for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, despite being “pro-life.” Walker denies it, but the woman kept the check he gave her, and she kept a “get well” card he sent to her after the fact. Walker has had no convincing explanation for these facts.

In his “Late Night” monologue Tuesday, Colbert joked, “I have not seen a hypocrite this big since Gandhi did that ad for Arby’s,” pulling up an edited photo that looked as if the Indian activist and statesman was eating meat.

Colbert noted that Walker called this “a flat out lie,” adding that “if there’s one thing Herschel Walker knows, it’s lying, because he has done a ton of it.” Colbert then listed several of them, including his lie that he used to be an FBI agent, all of his secret children, and lying that he didn’t lie about graduating from the University of Georgia.

“He not only lied, he lied about lying? What kind of lesson does that teach his secret children?” Colbert joked.

Colbert then noted the evidence provided by the woman in question, and then ran down the bizarre interview Walker had with Sean Hannity on Monday, in which he pretended not to know anything about the “get well” card.

After a clip of Walker claiming he can’t remember because he sends out so many cards, Colbert continued. “Well sure, all celebrities send cards to complete strangers,” he said. “In fact, Herschel’s going through a tough time right now, so uh, let me just…”

At this point, Colbert pulled a card out of his jacket and began writing. “Dear Herschel, get well sā€“ you know what? Get f—ed. Stephen,” Colbert said aloud as he wrote. Then he pretended he would mail it through the TV by throwing it at the camera.

There’s plenty more. Watch the whole monologue in the video above.