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Trevor Noah Defends Tomi Lahren Over The Blaze Suspension: ‘This is Not Cool’ (Video)

”I was offended by the hypocrisy,“ the ”Daily Show“ host says about his former guest

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah has come out in defense of The Blaze host Tomi Lahren, saying it’s “not cool” that her network benched her for expressing an opinion on abortion.

“If you’re a conservative network that preaches day in and day out, ‘You politically correct snowflakes get offended too easily when anyone says something you disagree with’, and then Tomi comes out and speaks her truth, says that she’s pro-choice, and then suddenly her bosses go, ‘Oh, you like choices? Well how about you choose a new job?’ That’s not cool,” Noah said on Tuesday’s show.

Noah continued: “I was offended by the hypocrisy. I was so offended that I wanted to protest it. Unfortunately, there’s no type of black people protest that Tomi is comfortable with, so, uh… I guess we should just move on.”

The Blaze suspended Tomi Lahren for a week after the conservative commentator made pro-choice remarks, the Daily Caller reported, citing multiple sources. The network never confirmed the report, but Lahren’s show has not been on this week.

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck mocked Lahren on Monday after she mentioned having “moderate, conservative and libertarian views” on Twitter while defending her recent pro-choice comments made during an appearance on “The View.”

“I’m pro-choice and here is why,” Lahren said. “I am someone that loves the Constitution, I am someone that is for limited government, so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. Stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

Last year, Noah and Lahren sparred when she appeared on the “Daily Show.”

“For somebody who is not racist, you have to spend a lot of time saying, ‘I’m not racist,'” Noah told her.

Eventually, the 24-year-old Lahren claimed she doesn’t “see color,” which drew a laughing-gasp from the Comedy Central crowd.

“I am your worst nightmare. I don’t care what you label me or how many times you come for me. I am fearless and I’m just getting started,” Lahren said on her own show when describing the confrontation.

“The left is loving and tolerant, so long as you fit their narrative and world view. If you don’t do that, oh boy, get ready for an onslaught of labels, shame, target practice and misspelled tweets,” Lahren said. “Now, the ‘Daily Show’ wasn’t the first time I experienced the hypocrisy of the left or the mainstream media.”

Check out the video above.