Trevor Noah Praises Fox News for Trump Interview: ‘I Love Chris Wallace’ (Video)

Trevor Noah spent ten minutes Monday night breaking down Wallace’s extremely contentious Sunday interview with Trump

Like so many others in the world of politics, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah had some very kind words for Chris Wallace of Fox News, who grilled Donald Trump over the weekend in an interview that’s been the talk of the country since it aired.

“President Trump sat down for an interview with Chris Wallace, the only reporter at Fox News who isn’t trying to become the next press secretary,” Noah said to open his monologue. “And you can tell that he isn’t because this was no softball interview. In fact, it was pretty much a masterclass in how not to let Trump get away with his usual bulls—.”

Noah spent the entirety of the monologue on the topic of that interview, regularly offering effusive praise for Wallace. Like after the show played a clip of Trump reviewing charts of coronavirus death rates during the interview.

“Chris Wallace did two things right there that Trump absolutely hates: He proved him wrong, and he made him do homework,” Noah joked.

Then “The Daily Show” played a montage of clips in which Trump repeatedly insists that Biden pledged to abolish police if elected president, despite Wallace’s attempt to correct him.

“Oh man, I don’t care how many times I watch it, it is priceless seeing Trump flail around trying to find the fact that he made up,” Noah laughed.

“And it actually shows you how his brain just kind of mixes up everything he reads into one big information smoothie. Because clearly he read that Biden wants to abolish immigration detention, and he also read that Biden wants police reform, and then his brain just mashed them up into ‘Biden wants to abolish the police.’ I kind of want to give Trump a book to read just to see how he would explain it back to me. ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is a tragic story about two eggs that wanna marry a ham. They want to get married. They love each other.’”

And that’s when Noah offered his highest praise for Wallace yet.

“Again, another great fact check from Chris Wallace. And I gotta admit: I love Chris Wallace the journalist,” Noah said before shifting into a joke to illustrate how great a journalist he thinks Wallace is.

“Chris Wallace the dad must be a nightmare. His kids are probably coming home like, ‘Yeah, school is fine, you know, we just did a bunch of work. I just put my head down and worked.,’” Noah said before shifting into his Wallace impression. “‘Well actually, I have photo evidence here of you spending all day under the bleachers vaping while making out with Samantha.’

“And honestly, it got to the point where Chris Wallace wasn’t just fact-checking Trump. He was fact shaming him. Because for years now Trump has been bragging about what a good score he got on some cognitive ability test. And yesterday, Wallace flat-out told Trump that his test score ain’t s—.”

This time, we got another lengthy montage of clips, which time focusing on Trump’s insistence that the cognitive test was so tough there’s no way Joe Biden could possibly answer all the questions right.

“Wow, guys, this is sort of making me sad right now. Because Trump is trying so hard to claim he’s a genius because he passed a test where you have to identify an elephant. Which, let’s be honest, even for Trump is too easy. I mean, if they wanted to test Trump they shouldn’t have asked him to identify an elephant. They should have asked him to identify his second daughter,” Noah quipped, referring to Tiffany Trump.

“Yeah, that would have been impressive.”

You can watch this portion of Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” in the video embedded up at the top of this article, or on YouTube here.