Trevor Noah Slams CNN’s Nigeria Coverage Double Standard: ‘What the F—‘ (Video)

Anchor calls it “a country plagued by kidnappings, extremists and bandits” in context of recent Twitter ban

Trevor Noah didn’t care for the way CNN anchor Michael Holmes described Nigeria during the network’s coverage of the country’s recent Twitter ban, pointing out how unlikely it would be to see the United States given similar treat over similar issues.

Holmes called Nigeria “a country plagued by kidnappings, extremists and bandits” in a weekend segment about Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari banning Twitter and prosecuting Nigerians who try to use it.

Noah, who is from South Africa, cracked a few jokes about the Twitter ban but closed his monologue on Monday’s “Daily Show” by pointing out the subtle bias in the way Holmes introduced the segment.

“Okay, as an African allow me to say what the f—,” Noah exclaimed angrily. “I mean yes, that’s all true. But still, what the f—? You never hear a foreign news anchor talking about the United States that way.”

Noah then pretended he was an African news anchor doing a report about the United States, complete with a video filter that put cheesy fake glasses over his face. He also noted that if Nigeria has “extremism,” America too has its own fair share.

“America is a country plagued by school shootings, extremist and failing infrastructure… but the government wants to raise the price of postage stamps,” Noah joked.

Noah pointed out that this situation in Nigeria reminded him of former president Trump’s battles with Twitter. Trump famously is banned from Twitter, Facebook and nearly all social media platforms in the U.S. for posts that were deemed to incite violence — and Noah joked that Trump probably is looking at the situation in Nigeria right now wishing he could take a page from Buhari’s book.

“Shout out to African presidents, because they will always remind the world what a real dictator looks like,” Noah said. “Because remember, when when Twitter started flagging Trump’s tweets, all he did was throw a tantrum. You know, he’s got to be jealous as hell right now.”

Noah then imitated Trump saying, “it’s like I’ve always said, those s—hole countries. They knew what they’re doing. Buhari, thank you.”

Check out the full clip at the top of the page.


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