Trevor Noah: Trump Attacking the NRA Is The Most Shocking Twist Since ‘The Usual Suspects’ (Video)

But Noah also provided an important reminder to not “get too excited for your gun-grabber-in-chief” on Thursday’s “Daily Show”

Last Updated: March 2, 2018 @ 6:34 AM

On “The Daily Show” Thursday night, host Trevor Noah spent the bulk of his opening segment going over Donald Trump’s meeting with lawmakers Wednesday where he heckled Republicans for being afraid of the NRA, while also supporting gun control measures.

It was a shocking thing, one that sent Stephen Colbert into a tizzy during his monologue on Wednesday. Noah’s response was similar.

“Donald Trump attacked his own party for being scared of the NRA. I did not see that coming. Like, that was the craziest twist since the end of ‘Usual Suspects,'” Noah said, before slipping in a Kevin Spacey joke for good measure. “You know, when we found out that Kevin Spacey molested Keyser Soze, that was just mindblowing.”

Throughout the segment, Noah cued up numerous clips of Trump bucking his own previous stances on guns, to the shock of Republicans and the delight of Democrats. He then took a closer look at the giddiness of Democrats in the room who seemed very amused that Trump was now doing to Republicans what he’d been doing to everyone else since he took office.

“Did you see that? Did you see the joy on Dianne Feinstein’s face when Trump tells the conservatives to put her s— in the bill?” Noah said. “She looks happier than Ted Cruz on Halloween.”

Noah did later make a key point about all this — you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much that Trump is actually turning over a new leaf because we’ve been through this before.

“Before you get too excited for your gun-grabber-in-chief, just remember what happened with DACA not too long ago. Trump was at that same table, agreeing with Democrats on immigration, and then two days later Africans were from shithole countries and the whole thing fell apart.”