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Trevor Noah: USPS Could Save Itself by Putting Trump on a Stamp (Video)

”The Daily Show“ suggested a commemorative stamp showing Trump strangling Osama bin Laden

It can sometimes feel like a story that’s getting lost in the constant bombardment of political content being beamed into all of our skulls, but the United States Postal Service is having some problems. And some folks are attributing said problems to Donald Trump’s crusade against mail-in voting. But Trevor Noah and “The Daily Show” may have a solution: the USPS could put Donald Trump’s face on some stamps.

“It’s becoming clear as day that unless Trump changes his mind on the post office, just like every other Trump business it could be doomed. So maybe, to save themselves, the Postal Service should do what every foreign dictator does: flatter the s— out of Trump,” Noah said.

“The Daily Show” then switched to a fake commercial for these hypothetical “Trump stamps,” which provided some examples of what these stamps might show. It couldn’t just be his face, of course.

“Are you a Trump supporter who needs to mail your electricity bill or an angry letter to CNN? Then you’re in luck! Introducing the new President Trump commemorative stamps. Specifically designed by the US Postal Service in a desperate attempt to earn his approval, each stamp commemorates one of our president’s great achievements,” the narrator of the fake ad declared.

“Like the time President Trump defeated the sun in a staring contest. Or the night that President Trump personally killed Osama bin Laden. And true collectors will cherish the stamp featuring President Trump’s stunning cameo in the ‘WAP’ video.

“And if you order now, you also receive a booklet of Mike Pence stamps that you can paste next to Trump, so he can forever gaze adoringly at the greatest president of our lifetime. Mike Pence stamps have no value. So order now! These stamps will only run until November 3rd. Or maybe 2024. We’ll see what happens.”

You can watch the add in the video embedded in this article, or on YouTube here.