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Trey Songz and Jimmy Kimmel Translate the Lyrics to ‘Na Na’ for Everyone Else (Video)

Concerned that older people might not understand all the hip lingo in Songz’ new hit single, Kimmel offers to translate the song line by line as Songz performs it

Trey Songz has a new hit with the single “Na Na,” which is great for his fans, but could prove more challenging for older listeners. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Songz came out to get a little help from Jimmy Kimmel in translating the lingo in his lyrics so everyone could understand.

First, Kimmel clarified that the song isn’t about Songz’ grandmother. “It would be gross,” Kimmel said, because the song is about sex.

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Songz then started singing, with Kimmel explaining line by line in awkward detail the process by which Songz was seducing a woman toward having sex with him.

As an example, “Ooh na-na, why you gotta act so naughty” translates as, “I question why you’ve behaved inappropriately, even though I am aroused.”

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“You been through the worst, let me show you who the best” becomes, “I know you’ve had relationship issues in the past, but this time will be different because I’m very gifted sexually. I’m like the Michael Jordan of sex.” Songz then struck a pose to exemplify this comparison.

Songz taught Kimmel that “curving to the left” is new lingo for ignoring someone or pushing them away. Kimmel was excited to learn that, leading Songz to say, “See, I’m putting you up on game.”

Of course, Kimmel didn’t know what this meant, either, but he took it.