Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits a Beer Festival (Video)

“This is the opposite of AA — this is Alcoholics Conspicuous”

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has discovered some craft beers with a foamy head, hoppy aroma, and traces of poop.

Conan O’Brien has again dispatched the Yugoslavian Mountain Hound to dish out mockery, this time taking on beer nerds at Denver’s Great American Beer Festival — “also known as the Distant Father’s Expo.”

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“This is the opposite of AA,” says the puppet, voiced by Robert Smigel. “This is Alcoholics Conspicuous.”

He adds: “There are thousands of unnecessary microbrews on display here, but when it comes right down to it, any one of these beers will make you more racist.”

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Things get uglier from there, as Triumph takes aim at elaborate mustaches, beer guts, and people gathering together one each year “to see what it’s like to not drink alone.”

Watch the video: