Trump Teases Holding a Press Conference Every Time President Biden Speaks

The outgoing president retweeted a suggestion that he hold a press conference each time President Biden makes public remarks

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Outgoing president Donald Trump retweeted a call on Tuesday for him to speak whenever President Joe Biden makes public remarks.

“The President needs to hold a press conference right after Biden speaks every single time and remind them he’s the rightful President and Winner! Destroy his lies every single time!” tweeted conservative commentator Matt Couch, earning a retweet from Trump himself.

Trump is not the “rightful” President; the electoral college formally cast their votes Monday and Joe Biden will be the next president. Trump has yet to formally concede.

In fact, dozens of lawsuits brought by Trump’s legal team baselessly alleging widespread voter fraud have been smacked down in federal and state courts. On Friday, the United States Supreme Court even opted to not hear the state of Texas’s attempt to overturn Biden’s victories in key swing states, effectively shutting the door on Trump’s efforts to upend the vote before the Electoral College met to finalize the election Monday.

This weekend, Trump shut down Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade when he asked if the president intends to attend Biden’s upcoming inauguration in January. Reports from earlier this month suggest he could host his own rally on that day instead and possibly announce a 2024 run for the presidency.


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