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Trump Campaign’s New ‘Investigative’ Website Promotes ‘Truth Over Facts’

The site aims to uncover ”the truth behind Joe Biden’s never-ending, seemingly incomprehensible statements“

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign announced Monday a new “investigative” website that prioritizes “truth over facts.” The site, in fact, is called TheTruthOverFacts.com.

The goal of the site, according to a release, is to uncover “the truth behind Joe Biden’s never-ending, seemingly incomprehensible statements during his third, plodding campaign for president.” The release says the site will utilize “experts,” but puts the word in quotation marks.

A representative for former vice president Joe Biden’s presidential campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

“The American people deserve to know the truth behind Joe Biden’s delirious and nonsensical claims on the campaign trail,” said Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s communications director. “When he’s mangling the text of the Declaration of Independence or calling someone a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier,’ is he really speaking a language that only he and a select group of others understand? This campaign for president cannot be allowed to continue for one more minute until we try to unlock the secrets behind Joe Biden’s incomprehensible babbling.”

The “truth over facts” branding is in line with messaging from Trump and his administration. Early on in his presidency, presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway invented the term “alternative facts.” Critics of the president have long held that he’s behind a years-long misinformation campaign and is conducting a “war on the truth.” The Washington Post’s latest tally of the president’s “false or misleading claims” puts the number around 18,000 for his 1,170 days in office.

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