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Trump Calls Bill Maher a ‘Jerk’ 5 Days After HBO Host’s Fake Eulogy for President

Maher also called Trump a ”spectacular prick“ in last Friday’s show

President Trump took to Twitter Wednesday to criticize talk show host Bill Maher, five days after the last episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” aired. In the episode, the HBO host called Trump a “spectacular prick” and delivered a fake eulogy for him.

“Watched @billmaher last week for the first time in a long time. He’s totally SHOT, looks terrible, exhausted, gaunt, and weak. If there was ever a good reason for no shutdown, check out this jerk. He never had much going for him, but whatever he did have is missing in action!” wrote Trump.

Maher responded on Twitter, too, writing, “Really? This is what the president of the United States does with his time?”

In his New Rules segment last Friday,  Maher pointed out that no prominent, greatly respected American politicians who died in recent years wanted Donald Trump at their funerals. To really drive the point home, Maher offered up a preview of the kind of eulogy Trump might receive if it were given by one of the public figures who have open disdain for him.

The gag began as Maher noted that “the only bipartisan agreement we seem to have these days is that nobody wants Donald Trump at their funerals,” and then listed all the high profile examples. (They include John McCain, Barbara Bush, Elijah Cummings, John Dingle, and John Lewis.)

“He’s the president, and people still don’t want him there,” Maher said. “What kind of spectacular prick do you have to be that everyone’s last request is ‘make sure that that a—- isn’t at my funeral’?”

You can watch the Trump “eulogy” below: