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Trump Breaks Social Media Silence With All-Caps Tweetstorm

The president urged followers to ”VOTE“ Monday in a string of tweets that said things like ”PRO LIFE“ and ”SPACE FORCE“

President Donald Trump’s Twitter account lit up Monday morning with all-caps messaging instructing followers to “VOTE.” The tweets came after a period of relative quiet that followed his COVID-19 diagnosis and Friday admittance to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Over the weekend, Trump’s account featured sporadic video messages wherein the president said he was fighting COVID-19 and grateful for support.

Monday’s tweets — which numbered 19 — included, “STOCK MARKET HIGHS. VOTE!” and “401(K). VOTE!

He also touted, among many other things, “RELIGIOUS LIBERTY,” the “SPACE FORCE” and “PRO LIFE.”

The “pro-life” message, in particular, got some pickup and began trending on Twitter. Site users questioned the president’s use of the term when over 200,000 Americans have died from the virus he is now fighting in a hospital. They brought up an interview the president did earlier this year in which he reacted to the death toll by saying, “It is what it is.”

Others took a funnier approach to the inexplicable tweets. Actor Diedrich Bader of “Space Force” responded to Trump’s message about the new military branch by writing, “Are we up for an award?”

Monday’s 19 capitalized and context-free tweets did not break the president’s tweeting record or even come close. Business Insider reported he set his record in June when he tweeted or retweeted 200 messages in one day.