Trump Says Fox News ‘Not What It Was’ — While on Fox News (Video)

Host Mark Levin let the insult slide during an interview that aired Sunday

President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on Fox News Sunday night, this time airing out his grievances while appearing on the highly-rated cable network itself.

“Fox is good but Fox is not what it was,” Trump announced to “Life, Liberty and Levin” host Mark Levin.

He went on, “I’ll be very honest with you: They’ve become politically correct. They think it’s wonderful. They have more Democrats on than they have — practically — than they have Republicans.”

The president segued from the critique of Fox News — which Levin did not object to — into a promotion of the pro-Trump “boat parades” he often touts.

Prior to the slam on Fox News or the mention of boat parades, Trump tore into the media at large, calling the New York Times and CNN “stone-cold dishonest.”

“The Washington Post is a disaster. You can’t get a good story. It’s disgusting,” he said, going on to attack ABC, NBC and CBS.

“Fortunately, local press is extremely good,” Trump observed. “I get great local. Whenever I stop for a speech, I do one or two local reporters. These are the greatest stories. It’s like, unbelievable. They cover it so good. They’re almost more enthusiastic than I am, so we have that. We have some honest media.”

Watch above, via Fox News.


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