Trump Family Documentary Footage Bumped From Jan. 6 Hearing, May Not Be Seen Until July

Alex Holder was expected to testify and share new campaign-trail footage, but the Special Committee concluded the day without it

The Trump family
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The documentary footage from Alex Holder, who had broad access to former President Donald Trump and his family in the run-up to the 2020 election and after it, was not shown Thursday at the Jan. 6 House committee hearing as expected – and may not be seen publicly until July.

The committee adjourned Thursday without showing any of the documentary footage or Holder’s deposition, which he recently sat for.

The next hearing has not yet been scheduled, but is expected sometime next month.

The three-part documentary, “Unprecedented,” was acquired by Discovery+ last year and will get a summer release on the streaming service.

CBS News, meanwhile, was to air an interview Thursday with Holder on their nightly news show.

“The CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell” released excerpts of the interview in the afternoon, in which Holder makes several revelations about Trump’s demeanor and comments after Jan. 6.

“I think what was staggering,” Holder said, when asked about what Trump said after Jan. 6, “was that he essentially gave the reason why they were there without fully understanding that he was responsible for that reason.”