Trump Drops F-Bomb on Hot Mic After Spotting Pen Mark on His Lapel (Audio)

The moment came just as he was about to address the nation on coronavirus

Donald Trump
Sarah Silbiger/Stringer

As President Donald Trump prepared to go live during an address on the coronavirus Wednesday night, C-SPAN’s feed caught him reacting to a pen mark on his lapel with a few choice words.

There is no video of the clip, but Trump’s mic was on and he’s caught saying, “A what? Ah, f-ck! Uh-oh. I got a pen mark. Anybody have any white — do you have any white stuff?”

The moment was first identified by a Twitter user who goes by Robbie Pitts. He posted a clip of Trump’s hot mic moment that quickly racked up 2,000 retweets.

During the address, Trump announced the United States will restrict travel from Europe in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic.

The travel restrictions will begin Friday at midnight and will be in place for 30 days. The United Kingdom will be exempt from the restrictions, as will American citizens “who have undergone appropriate screenings,” the president said. The decision builds on the administration’s earlier move to restrict travel from China and Iran.

Trump did not explain why the U.K., which currently has 460 cases, is exempt from the ban.

Later, on CNN, former Ohio governor John Kasich said he thought the speech was “fine.” That led to a yelling match between him and anchor Don Lemon, who said Trump “didn’t do a good job” if his intention was to “calm people’s fears.”