Trump Rages Against Drudge Report, Says Site ‘Sold Out’

The president once again attacked the former conservative darling Tuesday and suggested founder Matt Drudge had a “nervous breakdown”

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President Donald Tweet once again raged against longstanding conservative darling the Drudge Report Tuesday, saying the news aggregation site “sold out.”

After Fox News contributor Dan Bongino tweeted a link to his competing aggregator,, Trump replied by heralding far-right Breitbart News, insulting the NBA and its ratings and slipping in a dig at Fox News, too.

The president wrote, “Congratulations Dan. You, Breitbart and others have decimated the business at Drudge. It’s gone the way of the @NBA, ratings down 70%. People want the TRUTH! Drudge Report sold out, suffered a massive ‘nervous breakdown’. Happening @FoxNews also???”

Current traffic numbers for last month aren’t available yet, but the president is correct about Drudge Report’s declining numbers. Last month, Trump slammed the site and its founder Matt Drudge by remarking on a post that said the Drudge Report had seen a “historic crash.” He wrote on Twitter at the time, “Such an honor! Drudge is down 40% plus since he became Fake News. Most importantly, he’s bleeding profusely, and is no longer “hot”. But others are! Lost ALL Trumpers.”

According to Comscore data, the Drudge Report had 1.488 million unique visitors in July 2020 — the most recent month for which data is available. That’s down 38.0% from July 2019, when the site boasted 2.399 million unique visitors.

Check out Trump’s tweet below:


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