Trump Era Threats to LGBT Rights Must ‘Wake People Up,’ YouTube Star Todrick Hall Says (Video)

SXSW: Documentary subject Hall says “millennials in general take things that are our rights for granted”

Prolific content maker, YouTube star and documentary subject Todrick Hall spins high-quality, independently financed creations for his fans — many of whom identify as LGBT.

“Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall,” directed Katherine Fairfax Wright, is a SXSW Film Festival entry that touches on the star’s upbringing not far from the Austin, Texas festival grounds. It partially covers Hall’s struggles with his sexuality and acceptance, a topic many find timely as the Trump administration threatens to repeal the rights of trans people.

“While I’m not a super fan of the situation that we’re in … I think that in some ways it’s one of the best things that could happen to our country, because never in my lifetime have I seen people rally together and support people,” Hall said in a conversation at TheWrap’s SXSW interview studio, held at the Plexus Lodge.

Hall said a convergence of issues for minorities or vilified communities has led to a new awakening in America.

“It’s beautiful to see allies, people fighting for LGBTQ rights, men fighting for women’s rights and people who are Americans fighting for foreigners,” he said.

“Millennials, in general, take things that are our rights for granted, and we don’t feel like slavery could ever be a thing again. Or that LGBT will ever not be able to me married. It’s really important for us to see that people had to fight for these things… and not just the things that effect us,” he concluded.

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