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Trump So ‘Jacked Up’ Over Dem Deal He Even Watched ‘Morning Joe,’ Report Says

President spotted “hate-watching” MSNBC show

Working across the aisle isn’t so bad on Trump’s psyche, after all.

Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei was a guest on “Morning Joe” Friday to give the scoop on President Trump’s jubilant attitude after he reached an agreement with Congressional Democrats about Hurricane relief and raising the debt ceiling.

Axios reported Friday that POTUS was seen “hate-watching” the MSNBC show at the White House residence and “feeling cocky.”

“Trump was on cloud nine yesterday,” VandeHei told Joe Scarborough. “He was so jazzed that he watched your show, watched others, saw people praising him, got on the phone with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, was all jacked up and bragging about the coverage. Nancy Pelosi asked him to tweet something positive about DACA and he does it, it’s like a movie and the guy is just loving the last 24 hours.”

“So, is this a long term strategy?” VandeHei continued. “Who the hell knows. But, it certainly — he likes the instant gratification of the results that he’s getting.”

Trump said on Thursday that the deal “was a meeting that we all wanted to get together and do something.” He said the primary reason for bipartisanship “was because you look at North Korea, you look at the hurricanes, you look at what’s going on in the Middle East, and I said, frankly, it’s time that we walk out and shake hands and have the deal.”

“And I will tell you, there was a lot of spirit in that room, a lot of good spirit,” the president said Thursday (see in the video below).

Despite Trump’s rocky past with the hosts of MSNBC’s morning show (earlier this year, he made a graphic comment about Mika Brzezinski’s appearance, and Scarborough has routinely blasted the president) that “good spirit” apparently continued long enough for POTUS to view their Friday broadcast.