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Trump’s Right — Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Tops Colbert, Kimmel and Other Late-Night Hosts in Ratings

Gutfeld hosts his late-night show once a week, but its April ratings dominated the other more frequent broadcasts

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday about how “easily” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is owning late-night television — and he was right.

“Wow!” wrote the president, who has often used his platform to skewer on-air talent at MSNBC, CNN and, yes, Fox News by name. “Congratulations to Greg Gutfeld, a one time Trump Hater who has come all the way home. His Ratings easily beat no talent Stephen Colbert, nice guy Jimmy Fallon, and wacko ‘last placer’ Jimmy Kimmel. Greg built his show from scratch, and did a great job in doing so.”

Ratings for “The Greg Gutfeld Show” are doing something pretty notable right now. It airs once per week on Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET, but it’s outpacing broadcasts with quadruple its episodes. In April, it was the top late-night show in broadcast and cable, bringing in an average of 2.862 million total viewers across four episodes, according to Nielsen ratings data.

The closest show to it was CBS’s “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, which brought in an average of 2.782 million viewers across its 16 telecasts in the month. In third place was ABC’s “Nightline” news program, which did 20 telecasts and brought in 2.300 million average viewers.

The closest four-telecast program to Gutfeld’s was “Real Time” with Bill Maher. In April, an average of 1.342 million viewers tuned in to the HBO show.

Gutfeld, former editor-in-chief of Men’s Health, joined the network in 2007 and hosted “Red Eye” for the next eight years. He now co-anchors “The Five” every day at 5 p.m. ET.