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Gamblers Think Trump’s a Goner: 75 Percent Bet He Won’t Finish First Term (Exclusive)

Vegas may have to move its line again

When Las Vegas sets a betting line, the intention is to get half of the money on one side and half on the other. That’s not quite how Bovada’s prop bet odds for President Trump’s tenure are working out.

About 75 percent of the money currently being wagered with the sportsbook is on Trump not lasting a full term as POTUS, TheWrap has learned.

“Compared to a regular sport, tying up your money for potentially four years is not that appealing to the average bettor,” Kevin Bradley, Bovada.lv Sportsbook manager told TheWrap.

Beyond the fun of it all, some political flag-planting, and a potentially early payoff, there’s not much incentive to bet against the billionaire businessman-turned leader of the free world. Here’s the latest line, as of Friday:

Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS?
Yes      EVEN   (1/1)
No       -130      (10/13)

Basically, those numbers mean one can bet $100 to win another $100 on the affirmative. For the “No” bet, one would have to wager $130 to win $100.

Those lines are in contrast to where Bovada had them nine days earlier. Here’s what the future looked like back then:

Will Donald Trump complete a full term as POTUS?
Yes        -275     (4/11)
No        +180     (9/5)

And back on Nov. 17 last year, Trump was 1-to-3 (-300) to make it a full term. At the time, he was 5-to-1 (+500) to straight-up get impeached. So you tells us in the comments section where the smart money is.

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