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Trump Renews Attack on CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘I Should Release Some of His Dishonest Interviews’

”He is Fake News, will always be Fredo to us.“

President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Monday night, tweeting the anchor is “fake news.”

“He is Fake News, will always be Fredo to us. I should release some of his dishonest interviews? Coupled with bad ratings, he’d be out!” he wrote, referencing a viral video from this summer that showed the primetime journalist reacting angrily to being called the name of a character in “The Godfather.” In the video, which earned Cuomo support from Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the New York governor’s brother compares “Fredo” to “the n-word” for Italians.

There was no further proof of “dishonest interviews” offered.

Trump was promoting an end-of-year Breitbart piece that also took aim at the “Fredo” incident and promised a few more “embarrassing” Cuomo moments, too.

A representative for Cuomo and CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Trump’s attack.

Trump also retweeted a video he tweeted once in November that featured a dubbed clip of Cuomo contacting his mother, former New York first lady Matilda Cuomo, via phone on a CNN set. Trump’s voice is dubbed in to offer responses to Cuomo’s statements to his mother.

For the most part, Trump’s voice just calls Cuomo and CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash “fake news.”