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Trump Supporters Call for McDonald’s Boycott After POTUS-Bashing Tweet

“Anyone that knows me should short the stock on my lost sales alone,” one Trump supporter tweets

Trump supporters are furious over an anti-POTUS tweet from McDonald’s that went viral on Thursday morning. It called the president “a disgusting excuse of a President.”

Even after the fast food company issued a statement, saying its @McDonaldsCorp account was compromised, Trump fans weren’t satisfied and called for a boycott of the restaurant chain.

It comes just one day after hundreds of other Twitter accounts were hacked, according to CNBC, including those of pop star Justin Bieber and media outlet Forbes. Despite evidence that McDonald’s was hacked, fans have taken to Twitter to express outrage, as one user here predicted:

Here is a sampling of the online vitriol:



Still, others have taken to Twitter to poke fun at the situation: