Trump Talks Gun Legislation on Fox News: ‘We’re Not Moving on Anything’

The president spoke to Fox News’ Ed Henry in a two-part interview

Part two of Ed Henry’s interview with President Donald Trump aired on Thursday’ morning’s “Fox & Friends” and in it, the president spoke about gun legislation.

“Guns, we’re told that your Justice Department, a couple weeks ago, gave you a package, a legislative package, you might move on it Thursday. What are you going to do?” Henry asked.

The president responded, “No, we’re not moving on anything. We’re going very slowly in one way, because we want to make sure it’s right. We want to — we’re doing a very careful job.  We’re working with the Democrats, we’re working with Republicans.”

“Part of the problem,” according to Trump, is statements from some Democrats, most notably Beto O’Rourke, on taking away certain kinds of weapons.

“A lot of Republicans and some Democrats now are afraid to do anything, to go down that slippery slope.  A lot of people think this is just a way of taking away guns and that’s not good, because we’re not going to allow that.  Look, I’m a very strong believer in the Second Amendment,” he said.

Recently, there has been a mass, grassroots uprising of citizens calling for the government to “Do Something” about gun violence, everywhere from Ohio to Texas to Florida in the wake of multiple mass shootings.

The New York Times reports measures like universal background checks can attract the support of more than 90% of the American public. However, overwhelming support has not translated into overwhelming victories for gun control measures when put to public votes.