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Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Rant About Windmills That ‘Kill Everything’ and ‘Very, Very Tough’ Canada (Video)

”Donald Quixote strikes again,“ Jimmy Kimmel quips

He’s blocked from Facebook and Twitter and has shuttered his own blog, but former President Donald Trump is still preoccupying the mind of Jimmy Kimmel whenever he does get a platform to talk, due to the benign topics he chooses to harp on.

“Donald Trump is not allowed on Facebook, which is still funny to me. It’s like being banned from riding the bus,” Kimmel said during his monologue on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “But he was back with his pal [Sean] Hannity last night and of all the things to be concerned about, of all the many issues that plague our world, what do you think Donald Trump is thinking about right now? Is it: A) His rigged election, B) The grand jury in New York, or C) Windmills.”

Kimmel then rolled tape from Trump’s Wednesday “Hannity” interview, during which Trump told the Fox News host: “They’re making windmills all over the place to ruin our land and kill our birds. To kill everything. It’s not good.”

“Donald Quixote strikes again. Why do you think he hates windmills so much? Maybe they are messing up his hair, I don’t know,” Kimmel said. “But the Tan of La Mancha also lashed out at one of our most bitter rivals. A country that, it makes Russia look like Disneyland by comparison. And Joe Biden just lets them sit there on our heads and does nothing about it.”

Back to the “Hannity” interview recording, where Trump says: “Canada is very, very tough. Canada is as tough as anybody. It’s very unfair the way Canada treats us.”

“Well maybe we should build a wall up north in Montana, too,” Kimmel joked. “What is his problem with Canada? I bet Celine Dion refused to sing at his birthday or something and he never forgot it.”

See Kimmel’s full monologue via the video above.