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Trump’s First Huge Debate Gaffe: Clinton Has Fought ISIS Her ‘Entire Adult Life’

Trump says something no one thinks is true

There were many moments in Monday’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate that were, well, debatable. Like whether Trump’s many interruptions of Clinton will rev up his supporters, or turn off viewers who think he looks like a bully.

But Trump said one thing, about 15 minutes into the debate, that just about anyone, anywhere, knows is flatly wrong:

“No wonder you have been fighting ISIS your entire adult life,” he told Clinton.

Clinton turned 18 in 1965. The organization that eventually named itself ISIS rose after the Iraq war — which began in 2003. (One fine source: PBS’s Frontline’s film “The Rise of Isis,” which you can watch here.) ISIS’s Wikipedia entry dates the group that preceded ISIS to 1999.

Even if ISIS originated in 1999, Clinton, clearly, enjoyed 24 years of adulthood before the group even existed for her to fight.

Then there’s the question of whether Clinton could have dedicated her “entire adult life” to fighting ISIS even if it had existed for her entire adult life, which it didn’t.

She was, of course, a lawyer, first lady of Arkansas (where ISIS wasn’t much of a problem in the 1970s and ’80s), first lady of the United States, and then as a New York senator, when Al Qaeda was a much bigger problem than ISIS. (Al Qaeda and ISIS: Not the same thing.)

Oh. And what Trump said Monday doesn’t line up with his past contention that President Obama founded ISIS. (He’s only been president since January 2009.)

Any way you slice it: Oops.

Clinton didn’t bother with a rebuttal. She just invited fact checkers to start doing their thing.