Trump’s Truth Social App Goes Live With Limited Service

“Truth Social” is now available for download

truth social donald trump
Donald Trump (Credit: Getty Images)

After being suspended from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a handful of other social media apps for violating their standards of conduct, Donald Trump launched a new social media platform on Monday. But, not everyone who wanted to was able to sign up.

Truth Social launched on Monday morning, looking fairly similar to Twitter. But, as more people downloaded the app, they went through a signup process that ended with them being put on a waitlist. The app already has more than 150,000 users, per CNN.

Of course, not everyone is getting as far as the waitlist. The app is not currently available on Android phones and there is no web version of Truth Social.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, former Republican congressman Devin Nunes, who is now CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, said that their goal is “to be fully operational at least within the United States” by the end of March.

The app is not currently available outside the U.S.

Trump was permanently banned from Twitter a year ago, after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, having been accused of posting tweets inciting violence that day. He was later suspended from Facebook for two years, and was suspended by YouTube as well.

Since Trump’s ban and his exit from the White House, a series of social media apps specifically geared toward conservatives who feel their free speech is being suppressed have been created, including Twitter competitor Gettr.