Trumpy Bear, Stuffed With an American Flag Blanket, Is an Actual Thing (Video)

Ads for the Donald Trump-inspired stuffed animal began airing on television last month

Ads for a teddy bear modeled after Donald Trump again have begun airing on TV, once again raising the question of who is behind the Trumpy Bear?

The stuffed animal, with a red tie, a comb over and a 30-inch hidden in a zip compartment in its back, is being sold for two payments of $19.95 at It remains unclear who is behind the product.

The two-minute version of the ad that first went online in July 2017, with shots of bears and eagles and stilted testimonials, plays more like a parody than an actual commercial, but the YouTube page links to a site where people can buy the stuffed animal.

According to Ad Age, the informercial aired on 10 channels in the fall of 2017, including Animal Planet and Discovery, with a clarification that “no endorsement is implied or granted.”

The site’s copyright is owned by Exceptional Products, a Dallas-based company described as a “direct response marketing company.”