Tucker Carlson Argues Jan 6 Rioters Were Funnier Than Stephen Colbert’s Staff (Video)

Tucker Carlson claims Stephen Colbert is “not a comedian” amid staff arrests

Tucker Carlson has spent the last year and a half minimizing and misrepresenting the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot, and he also doesn’t like Stephen Colbert at all. Those things combined on Monday’s episode of Fox News show when he offered up some criticisms of Stephen Colbert’s brand of comedy — which he asserted is vastly inferior to the comedy stylings of the people who trashed the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

That bit of art criticism came on Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” when Carlson once again drew false equivalence between what the rioters did and the weird saga of several of Colbert’s staffers who, weirdly, were arrested last week in Washington, D.C.

Now, you probably know what happened but just in case, last week several “The Late Show” staffers, including Robert Smigel, creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, were arrested by capitol police. It sounds weird, especially since it happened around the same time as some of the Jan 6. commission hearings.

But, it turns out, they actually had permission to be there — they were taping Triumph sketches on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and apparently stayed just slightly past public hours. The capitol police are just much more zealous than before, you know, the riot. Colbert’s staffers had received full permission to be on site, and nothing sinister actually happened, and more importantly, they weren’t in the Capitol building, they were across the street.

Anyway, last week Carlson insisted that their actions were somehow equivalent to the rioters. And he revisited that theme on Monday, when he asserted Colbert is no longer a comedian and now is just a political propagandist.

“Colbert hides behind his former job as a comedian. When people I don’t like break into the Capitol, it’s insurrection. When we do it, it’s comedy,” he said.

Carlson dissed Smigel as a played out, unfunny hack. “Who laughs at Robert Smigel anymore, it’s pathetic. Who’s funnier? Robert Smigel, or the guy who took pictures of himself at Nancy Pelosi’s desk on Jan. 6? Be honest, it’s not even close,” Carlson said while exaggeratingly raising his voice as if that made his point funnier.

“The guy at Pelosi’s desk is hilarious compared to the guy with the talking dog. And none of them is half as funny, again, sorry it’s true, as Donald Trump. And how do we know that? Show us the late night host whose done anything half as amusing as Trump’s taco bowl tweet. Ever, any of them? No, never.

Eventually, Tucker said this about Colbert: “The guy’s not a comedian. You watch a comedian and think, “That guy’s hilarious I would love to meet him.” Imagine eating a meal with Stephen Colbert. Chances are you’d somehow offend him over the course of a typical dinner by something he finds offensive. What are the chances of that? 100%. Stephen Colbert is a Karen, he’s a brittle middle-aged women who’s always lecturing you about something. In fact, he’s Elizabeth Warren.”

Watch part of the clip above.