Tucker Carlson Cites His UFO Obsession as Proof He’s ‘Open Minded’ (Video)

“There is evidence that UFOs are real and everyone lies about it,” Tucker said on Thursday night

Tucker Carlson made waves Thursday night for dragging Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell for not having any evidence of voter fraud during the election that Joe Biden won two weeks ago. But perhaps more interesting than that was his lengthy windup, in which he tried to appease disgruntled audience members who chant “Fox News sucks!” by touting his journalistic credentials. And for some reason, Tucker tried to use the fact that they talk about space aliens as evidence of those credentials.

Powell has made all sorts of outlandish claims this week. Her most ridiculous and bizarre one was that Democrats used and algorithm that changed a certain percentage of Trump votes to Biden votes. It’s absolute nonsense, and there is no evidence whatsoever that this is true.

“What Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history? Millions of votes stolen in a day. Democracy destroyed. The end of our centuries old system of self-government. Not a small thing,” Tucker said during his opening segment on Thursday.

“Now to be perfectly clear, we did not dismiss any of it. We don’t dismiss anything anymore, particularly when it’s related to technology. We’ve talked to too many Silicon Valley whistleblowers. We’ve seen too much. After four years, this may be the single most open-minded show on television.”

It’s a specious claim, given the nature of his show, but it seems Tucker only meant that in the sense that he talks about aliens sometimes and other cable news opinion shows don’t.

“We literally do UFO segments. Not because we’re crazy or had even been interested in the subject. But because there is evidence that UFOs are real and everyone lies about it,” Tucker said, then claiming that the fact that people at the Yale political science department think something isn’t true is actually proof that it is true.

“A lot of people with impressive setting credentials in this country are frauds. They have no idea what they’re doing,” Tucker said. “They’re children posing as authorities, and when they’re caught they lie and then they blame you for it. We see that every day.”

Tucker Carlson so frequently makes untrue statements on his show that a judge ruled in September that he is not a credible source of news. That ruling came as part of the dismissal of a lawsuit against Carlson — because Fox News itself made that argument. Despite that, Fox is apparently giving Tucker more influence over the rest of the network.

You can watch the quoted portion of Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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