Tucker Carlson Compares Gloria Steinem’s Stance on Abortion to Hitler (Video)

Fox News host rebukes feminist leader’s claim that an abortion ban is a step toward “an all-controlling state”

Tucker Carlson came out swinging Friday night, shooting down Gloria Steinem’s claim that the ban of abortions is a step toward an “all-controlling state,” as he told his audience, “Hitler, like Gloria Steinem, supported abortions.”

The Fox News host took particular offense with some medical facilities and organizations changing their wording from pregnant “women” to the more inclusive term pregnant “people.” Citing a recent article in the medical journal The Lancet, Carlson said, “You thought you were a woman, now you’re a — according to The Lancet — a body with a vagina. Try to imagine a more dehumanizing phrase than that, it’s probably not possible to imagine it.” (The Lancet editor-in-chief Richard Horton has since apologized to readers who were offended.)

Carlson then turned his attention to Steinem and comments she made at Thursday’s House oversight committee hearings.

“For 50 years, Steinem has been — as she describes it — defending women,” Carlson said. “In the ’70s, she wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan magazine entitled ‘If Men Could Menstruate.’ And then she was constantly reminding us — and this is a quote – ‘If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.’”

He went on. “Oh, but now men can get pregnant. So, the script has changed a little bit. Here was Gloria Steinem — who we should note is now a cat meowing — telling us that absolutely anybody can get pregnant and therefore anybody can get an abortion.”

During Thursday’s testimony, Steinem denounced Texas’ new restrictive abortion law as “not only a local issue or a women’s issue, it’s a step against democracy which allows us to control our own bodies and our own voices.”

“Remember when Hitler was elected, and he was elected,” she said. “His very first official act was to padlock the family planning clinics and declare abortions a crime against the state. Mussolini did exactly the same thing. Because they knew that controlling reproduction and nationalizing women’s bodies is the first step in a controlling state.”

(In January 2019, the German government supported the rewording and softening of a Nazi-era law that forbade doctors from advertising, offering or providing information on abortion services.)

Carlson accused Steinem of “rewriting history.”

“Turns out Gloria Steinem was always pretty dumb but back when she was 35, nobody noticed,” Carlson said smugly. “But rewriting history? Can’t let you do that, sorry. You’re not Wikipedia.”

Carlson said that contrary to Steinem’s claim, Hitler “encouraged” abortion.

“Hitler, like Gloria Steinem, supported abortion, not just as a matter of physical economy, but as a way to keep women working and contributing to the economy,” he said. “So once again, the goal is to reduce women to wage slaves. It is more virtuous to work at JP Morgan than it is to be a mother, that’s what they’re telling you.”

You can watch the clip above.