Tucker Carlson Covered ‘Exclusive’ Obama ‘Bombshell’ for MSNBC 5 Years Ago

So much for the idea that there's anything new about the video

Last Updated: October 3, 2012 @ 10:07 AM

So much for the idea that The Daily Caller's video of Barack Obama speaking to black pastors in 2007 is in any way "exclusive" or a "bombshell": Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson was among the many reporters who covered the speech when Obama gave it half a decade ago.

Fox News' Sean Hannity branded the speech "a bombshell" as he introduced it on his show Tuesday, after the Drudge Report hyped it for hours. Carlson's website labeled its video of the speech "exclusive."

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But it was only exclusive in the sense that The Daily Caller was the only site that saw fit to roll it out again, five years after it was widely covered by media outlets including CNN and MSNBC. The latter was Carlson's employer at the time, and Carlson covered the speech.

CNN's Carol Costello played bombshell footage of Carlson's 2007 commentary on CNN Newsroom Wednesday. (Just kidding about the bombshell part. None of these are bombshells.)

Some conservative commentators have said Obama tried to stoke racial tensions in the speech, delivered to an audience of African-American pastors. It was released on the eve of Obama's first debate with Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The video was the most attention for The Daily Caller since a reporter for the site interrupted Obama in the middle of a speech in June.

Watch Costello's report: