Tucker Carlson: ‘Disgusting’ Teachers ‘Could Literally Care Less’ About Your Kids (Video)

Tucker said that teachers are “actively hurting your kids” by wanting to get vaccinated before returning to in-person learning

Tucker Carlson was outraged Thursday night that teachers want to exercise caution before fully re-opening schools, calling them “disgusting” and saying they’re all just ‘sitting at home on Twitter instead of teaching kids.’

The COVID-19 death toll in the United States crossed 500,000 this week. That’s more than 20% of the entire world’s death toll from the virus — it’s an extremely disproportionate number because the U.S. only contains 4% of the population of Earth.

Last year, Fox News argued in court that Tucker Carlson is not “stating actual facts” on his show and thus he should not be treated as a credible journalist.

“So the teachers unions are just totally out of the closet, confirming everything we’ve suspected for years. They’re not teaching just because they’re ‘teachers.’ They’d rather be in Puerto Rico sipping margaritas. What happens to your kids — they could literally care less,” Tucker whined.

During this segment, Tucker never made any attempt to argue one way or another about the teachers’ concerns. Instead, he just delivered a bunch of insults while the Fox News chyron read: “Teachers have no interest in going back to school.”

“Nobody says the obvious: teachers unions are totally corrupt and entitled and actively hurting your kids. People don’t say that because teachers unions give a ton of money to politicians, to Democrats. But that changed this week, that cone of silence over teachers unions, when Adam Carolla went to war with the LA teachers union on social media,” Tucker said.

“Quote ‘LA teachers either don’t want to go back to work or are cowards,’ he tweeted. ‘Those the only two options left.’ And that struck a nerve over at the union, where of course everyone was sitting at home on Twitter, instead of teaching kids.

“The teachers union’s Twitter account immediately fired back. They accused Carolla of cowardice, or as they put it: ‘Sitting safely in his La Canada mansion.’ Right, okay.”

Corolla then joined Tucker in mocking teachers, who on average earn 21% less than other college graduates.

“People need to rise up and start telling these ‘heroes’ to start doing their job again,” Carolla cried.

Tucker asked Carolla why he felt the need to complain on Twitter.

“Because I’m a hero and everyone else is a coward,” Carolla said, before complaining about the teachers trying to “cancel” him.

“They’ve got a lot of time, I noticed, to try and pull you off the air and respond to you on Twitter. I mean shouldn’t they be grading homework or something?” Tucker said.

Later, Carolla wanted to explore a hypothetical he made up to further villainize teachers.

“Well, the teachers won’t go back into the classroom until they’re vaccinated. But what if that vaccine was three years away? Would you just let the kids sit in rooms and grow beards until you guys were vaccinated then?” Carolla said.

“So disgusting,” Tucker replied.

You can watch the quoted portion from Wednesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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