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Tucker Carlson Says ‘Everyone Should Have Access’ to Jan. 6 Footage – But ‘Not One Working Journalist’ Has Asked

The Fox News host says not even his own news department inquired about the thousands of hours of Capitol security footage

Somewhere between it never hurts to ask and be careful what you wish for lies a daunting trove of security footage from the Jan. 6, 2020 Capitol siege that was shared with Tucker Carlson – and apparently is now anyone’s for the asking.

The Fox News host told Glenn Beck on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Program” that “everyone should have access” to the 40 thousand or so hours Carlson’s producers used to portray Jan. 6 rioters – including unofficial mascot Q Anon Shaman – as mostly peaceful “sightseers.”

Beck was stunned that not even the news department at Carlson’s own network reached out to see what cards he was holding. Then he asked outright if he himself could have access to the footage.

“As far as I’m concerned you can have access to whatever you want!,” Carlson said. “I personally think everyone should have access to them. I’ll put you in touch with my producer who’s been dealing with the speaker’s office.”

Carlson and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” disclosed that they had requested to see the footage from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who acknowledged the transfer.

Beck still could not believe that no one reached out and asked for some kind of preview.

“So nobody from the news department, any news department … ,” Beck said.

“Not one working journalist has texted me directly, and everybody in the world, including my UPS delivery guy, has my text,” Carlson said. “Nobody doesn’t have my text. I should just announce it on your show! I’ve had the same phone number since 1995. I am not hard to get in touch with at all. … Nobody has asked me, and instead I’m getting all these texts like ‘I am Sarah Ellison from the Washington Post, is it true that you suck? The White House issued a statement saying you’re a White Supremacist Nazi, do you care to comment?'”