Tucker Carlson Falsely Claims ‘Election Was Seized From the Hands of Voters’ (Video)

Tucker hyperbolically declared that the election “could not have been worse for this country, for our children, for our grandchildren, for our future”

Tucker Carlson unsurprisingly began his Fox News show on Wednesday complaining about the election results — he wasn’t happy that Joe Biden is very, very close to securing victory over Donald Trump, the candidate he supports.

Tucker followed the Trump campaign’s lead, as he usually does, making sweeping and completely unfounded claims about election fraud, while also fearmongering about the Democratic Party agenda.

“In a lot of ways, unfortunately, what happened last night could not have been worse for this country, for our children, for our grandchildren, for our future,” Tucker said, a comment that, intentionally or not, echoes the sentiment of a certain infamous right-wing slogan. He then began making some conspiratorial claims.

“The outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters, where of course it rightly belongs, and now resides in the control of lawyers and courts and highly partisan, clearly corrupt, big city bureaucrats. So no matter what happens next, that is a tragedy. Many Americans will never again accept the results of a presidential election.”

Trump surrogates have spent the day suggesting that legal mail-in ballots be thrown out. While a popular claim among some conservatives on Wednesday, there’s no evidence of any of the alleged electoral malfeasance that they’ve complained about.

Tucker then pivoted to making dramatic and utterly baseless statements about how Democratic control of the government would lead to the end of democracy.

“We want to acknowledge the good news, and believe it or not, there is some good news regardless of everything else that has happened, and here it is. America remains. It’s still here. That’s the first and most important thing. And it’s not a foregone conclusion. We almost lost it,” Carlson claimed.

“Democrats told us they wanted to beat Donald Trump — they spent more money than anyone ever has in any election in history to do that, but there was a lot more going on. Democrats didn’t harness the full power of Big tech and the billionaire class simply to make Joe Biden president, no. What they really wanted was total control over everything. No more democracy, no more dissent, permanent obedience from the rest of us. And they came shockingly close to getting that. If Democrats had won the White House and the Senate last night, the country as we know it would have ended.”

While Tucker Carlson does have a show on the Fox News Channel, a judge recently ruled that Carlson is not a credible source of news.

You can watch the quoted portion of Wednesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.

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