Tucker Carlson Guest Worried Humanity Might Go Extinct From Smoking Weed (Video)

Marc Siegel told Tucker that smoking marijuana is “the biggest culprit of all” for falling sperm counts

Tucker Carlson complained Monday night that the media, of which he is a member, is ignoring “the biggest story there is.” That story? Well, it’s a topic that led “Dr.” Marc Siegel to suggest that marijuana could be the key driver of humanity’s extinction in the relatively near future.

“So we spent the last year hearing about a health crisis, a pandemic, but there are a lot of health crises. This may be the biggest one. Falling testosterone levels, which have completely reshaped our society,” Tucker said, just throwing that out there as a transphobic dogwhistle for his far-right viewers — because this story is not about testosterone levels.

After that aside, Tucker got to the actual story that he was talking about.

“And falling sperm counts, which may make it impossible to continue the human race. Why is this happening? Probably because of chemicals in our environment,” Tucker said. “According to one scientist, sperm counts in the western world have dropped 59% between 1973 and 2011. At this pace sperm counts will reach zero by 2045. No one talks about this. Everybody should be.”

And that’s when Tucker welcomed on Marc Siegel, who Tucker claimed is a doctor. But Siegel didn’t want to talk about chemicals, which were the basis for the discussion.

“I’m actually more concerned about something right now, Tucker, that also involves falling sperm counts. And that’s lockdown libido,” Siegel told Tucker, not joking.

“Lockdown libido occurs when everybody is shut down for too long. You know what they do? They gain weight. They get obese. You know what obesity does? Drives down testosterone and sperm counts. You drink more alcohol. You know what alcohol does? It makes estrogen out of testosterone, your sperm counts drop. Smoking cigarettes, which everyone is doing more and more. Smoking cigarettes drives down sperm counts. Vaping.”

But then Siegel told Tucker about what he says he apparently thinks is the main issue with sperm counts today.

“And probably the biggest culprit of all, according to reproductive specialists I spoke to tonight, smoking marijuana. Drives down sperm count,” Siegel said. “So you’re at home, you’re not even looking at your your loved one because despair, the depression has replaced romance. There’s gonna be no baby bump coming out of this pandemic.”

To be clear: this is a segment about the possible extinction of humanity due to falling sperm counts. Siegel here then called weed “the biggest culprit” with regards to declining sperm counts.

While it’s traditionally been thought that using marijuana decreases sperm count, a recent study at Harvard saw the opposite results: men who partake actually had meaningfully higher sperm concentrations on average than those who don’t.

It’s important to note that the science regarding weed is pretty sparse, thanks to government prohibition around the world over the past century. As the Harvard study noted, most past studies on the topic involved animals rather than people, or men who have broad issues with substance abuse that make it impossible to pinpoint as a cause for lower sperm counts.

It’s also important to note that Fox News argued in court last year that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is not a credible source of news or “actual facts.”

You can watch the quoted portion of Tucker’s Monday night show in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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