Tucker Carlson Hopes Biden Will Personally Intervene to Stop Trump From Being Arrested (Video)

Sure, OK, why not?

Despite having been revealed to privately hate Donald Trump “passionately,” Tucker Carlson remains, publicly, one of the former president’s biggest media allies. So it comes as no surprise that the star of Fox News’ primetime lineup is very, very opposed to the idea of Donald Trump being arrested.

But on Tuesday, Carlson had a highly idiosyncratic hope for how Trump might be saved from legal accountability: Help from President Joe Biden.

Now as a reminder, on Saturday, as part of a larger ALL CAPS rant on Truth Social, Trump claimed that he would likely be arrested on Tuesday as a result of the New York investigation into the hush money payments he allegedly made to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Now, you may have noticed Trump wasn’t arrested. The Manhattan District Attorney has made no public statement — though reports suggest Trump won’t actually be arraigned until next week, if at all.

Nevertheless, Carlson is very, very concerned about the possibility Trump could be arrested, and that brings us to his weird idea that Joe Biden might save him. Here’s what he said on Tuesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”:

“If this happens, America will never be the same. You’ve gotta hope that for the sake of the country, the Biden White House, which will be running against Trump, will put the country above partisanship and stop this. That Merrick Garland at DOJ will issue a very public statement saying that this is wrong which it is. And therefore preserve for our grandchildren our justice system. As a fact, this doesn’t seem to be happening.”

Weird that Carlson would want Joe Biden to bail Trump out of the legal trouble Trump brought on himself by allegedly using campaign funds to pay his former mistress hush money — since Trump’s widely credited for inciting the deadly Jan. 6 riot in an attempt to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as president. But hey, it’s his show, he can apparently say whatever he wants. Which is probably why the New York Times once described “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as “what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

You can watch the whole clip above, via @Acyn.