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Tucker Carlson Is Outraged Disney Made a Kamala Harris Video for Black History Month (Video)

”Your children may be watching this right now,“ Tucker said Friday night, trying to scare parents with kids who watch the Disney Channel

Tucker Carlson didn’t make any time to talk about Trump’s second impeachment trial on his Fox News show Friday night, but he did devote a segment to delivering comically ominous warnings about a cute little video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris that the Disney Channel is running as part of a series for Black History Month in February.

Tucker conveniently omitted that bit of context in his attempt to paint the one-minute animated video, with art by the prodigious Black teen artist Tyler Gordon, as some kind of sinister force out to destroy your children’s minds.

“What we’re about to show you is entirely real. It’s a spot airing right now on the Disney Channel. If your kids watch, they’ve probably seen it. It’s not billed as a political advertisement. It’s a Disney original. It’s original content about Kamala Harris, the vice president, a politician! As you watch this, remember your children may be watching this right now,” Tucker declared ominously.

“They receive no warning before they do. You probably don’t know they’re watching it. Listen to every word of this. Here it is.”

The narration in the video, which you can watch in the YouTube video here, went like this:

“Once, there was a young girl who used her voice to make the world around her a better place. Some say the odds were stacked against her. But her mother had big plans for this little flower, who had freedom fighting in her blood. She led a successful protest so kids could continue to play. She rose to places that no woman had. From front lawn activist to Madame Vice President. She will use her voice to run this nation, and inspire it too.”

It’s pretty corny, sure, but not really the crime against humanity that Tucker is making it out to be.

“Lot of messages here, but the most basic one for your kids is if you want to improve this country, what do you do? You protest. You don’t work hard. you don’t play by the rules. you don’t raise decent children. No, you protest. And Kamala Harris led her first protest on a playground. That’s basically a miracle, and by performing that miracle she became part of a divine group of leaders,” Tucker complained.

“In other words, Kamala Harris is now transcendent. She’s part of a worldwide sisterhood. She’s a globalist superhero. Just like Voldemort, you can’t really know how to pronounce her name, and just like Wonder Woman everyone’s forced to pretend she’s not thoroughly mediocre. All hail Kamala Harris.

“Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, ‘That’s too over the top to be real, it’s too obvious. That’s the kind of propaganda North Korea would be ashamed to air’ — remember, this isn’t meant for you. It’s not for adults. Adults would look at that and smirk, at best. But kids don’t have those defenses, and that’s why they’re showing it to kids. And for the kids who still aren’t convinced the non-believers who refuse to recognize that divinity of Kamala Harris, Disney has another message. And that message is obey, or we’ll hurt you.”

You can watch this strange bit from Friday night’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.

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