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Tucker Carlson’s Claim ‘No One’ Asked Him for Jan. 6 Footage Is B.S. – He Hasn’t Responded to Our Text

TheWrap requested the video from the Fox News host and Rep. Kevin McCarthy earlier this week. So far they’ve left us on read

Tucker Carlson this week said emphatically that “everyone should have access” to the more than 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 security footage shared with his Fox News show, then spoke at length about how – though he is “the easiest person to reach” – no “working journalist” has bothered to ask for a look.

Well, TheWrap has been trying for four full business days. Neither have we seen the footage, nor has anyone penned so much as a polite “We’ll get back to you.” Full crickets.

“I personally think everyone should have access to [the tapes],” Carlson chirped Thursday on “The Glenn Beck Program,” telling the namesake host: “I’ll put you in touch with my producer who’s been dealing with the speaker’s office.”

Good luck with that, Glenn Beck. TheWrap sent a formal Freedom of Information Act request to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-California, on Tuesday. It has, as of Friday, been left unanswered.

The Wrap also sent a text message Thursday to Carlson, who has yet to respond. Given Carlson’s comments to Beck, forgive us for taking that a bit personally.

“Not one working journalist has texted me directly, and everybody in the world, including my UPS delivery guy, has my text,” Carlson said told Beck. “Nobody doesn’t have my text. … I’ve had the same phone number since 1995. I am not hard to get in touch with at all. I respond to every text, every day.”

If TheWrap does come to obtain the Capitol security footage, we do not intend to make a supercut of the endless hours of empty spaces and reframe Jan. 6 as nothing more than inspiration for “The Backrooms.”