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Tucker Carlson: Media Attacked Sturgis Rally Attendees for Being ‘Too Masculine’ (Video)

Maskless Sturgis Rally attendees were just ”men who are unapologetically male,“ Tucker said on his Fox News show Monday night

Tucker Carlson began a new episode of his show on Monday with a rant about how the liberal news media doesn’t provide lengthy in-depth coverage of every shooting that occurs in the United States, but after a few minutes he pivoted to the topic of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, where hundreds of thousands of bikers gathered this weekend, with most attendees not wearing masks.

He pivoted on the idea that actually the media — of which Tucker is indisputably a member — does not actually care about violence. Instead, he claimed, they actually “regularly encourage” violence and actually only care about “disobedience.”

“This weekend, motorcycle riders, mostly on Harley-Davidsons, from all over the country gathered in Sturgis, South Dakota for their annual rally, the Sturgis Rally. Some of them forgot their masks. This outraged our news media,” Tucker started, dramatically understating things.

But then, as Carlson made his attempt to explain why the media was so outraged, things got pretty weird.

“The people on motorcycles were too masculine, too patriotic — therefore too unlikely to vote for Joe Biden — to go uncriticized. So the media spent a lot of the weekend trying to shame the bikers into disappearing,” Tucker ranted.

“In other words, as some of the poorest people in Washington bled onto the sidewalk, this is what your news anchors talked about.”

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” then popped a montage onto the screen of CNN news anchors discussing the Sturgis Rally and how very few attendees wore a mask, and noting that with so many people crunched together like that this gathering could end up being a coronavirus “super spreader.”

“Oh, super spreaders,” Tucker said sarcastically after the montage wrapped up.

“In other words, men who are unapologetically male. They hate that.”

For whatever reason, there has been a discussion in the U.S. about whether it’s masculine to wear a mask to help protect yourself and others from the coronavirus pandemic. American men are significantly less likely to wear a mask than American women.

You can watch the relevant portion of Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded here.