Tucker Carlson Says Donald Trump Should Blame Himself if He Loses (Video)

“I always tell my children this: When you lose, blame yourself first,” the Fox News host says

Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday night that if Donald Trump loses the election, he can only blame himself first.

“If he loses, I mean, I always tell my children this: When you lose, blame yourself first. Don’t blame other people. Blame yourself first. I think that’s morally important for all of us, not just for politicians,” Carlson told Fox News’ Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum on election night.

Still, Carlson said there would be a lot of “obvious” reasons if Trump doesn’t get reelected, citing Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and the feeling that “things are out of control.”

“I do think the coronavirus, the administration’s response to it, also the political uses of it. It was used as a partisan cudgel, it had an effect,” Carlson said. “I think the general feeling that things are out of control — and I actually don’t think that’s primarily the president’s fault, but we can debate it. It doesn’t matter, the incumbent will always suffer if people feel like, ‘Wow, what’s going on? Why doesn’t someone restore order? This is scary. The future makes me anxious.’”

“That feeling will always hurt the guy who’s up for reelection because every election, and any strategist will tell you, is a simple question: Do you want more of the same, or do you want something different?” he continued. “And in a time of anxiety, people instinctively say, ‘I want to change the channel, I want something different.’”

Watch the clip above.


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