Tucker Carlson’s Private Texts, ‘Creepy Comments’ and Trash-Talk Videos: Somebody’s Got the Knives Out, But Who?

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Someone is kicking the fired Fox News host while he’s down. Theories range from an “orchestrated hit job” to … AI?

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson (Getty)

Who’s trying to trash Tucker Carlson?

Bad looks for the disgraced Fox host have been leaking all week, from video clips of offensive banter and “creepy comments” captured between show tapings, as Media Matters put it, to his now-infamous “not how white men fight” remark made in a text exchange with a producer.

The text was reported late Tuesday by the New York Times, which cited people with access to un-redacted copies of text messages and other communication presented in the Fox News vs. Dominion case discovery. The videos, meanwhile, have been dribbled out on the left-leaning nonprofit media watchdog site – and prolific