Tucker Carlson Thinks Aliens Might Be Responsible for That Weird Utah Monolith (Video)

Tucker paused his politics show on Monday night to talk about the mysterious “unidentified stationary object”

Along with everything else going on in the world right now, we’ve also got the curious case of that hunk of metal that appeared in the Utah desert last week, which then disappeared before a similar-but-not-identical monolith showed up in Romania. Tucker Carlson, speaking as a UFO enthusiast, felt the need to address this topic on his show Monday night.

“When we first started the show four years ago, we scoffed at the idea of UFOs being real. It seemed kind of insane,” Said Tucker, who regularly spreads outlandish conspiracy theories.

“And then we saw declassified video footage of objects that seemed to defy the laws of physics. We showed it to you and our minds became a little more open.”

Tucker then said his demonstrative interest in UFOs — a topic he broaches often enough that Fox News made a goofy little CGI flying saucer video for his show — fueled his interest in the monolith.

“And that’s why on November 18th, we took notice when helicopter pilots counting sheep over a remote part of the desert in southeastern Utah saw something new and weird: an unidentified stationary object,” Tucker said, delivering a rare attempt at humor.

“It was a monolith of sorts, standing up, apparently made out of stainless steel. They got outside, took pictures in front of it, and then they left. And a few other people trekked out to the monolith and did the same.

“Then on Friday night the monolith, no one knows where it came from, suddenly disappeared. Around the same time a nearly identical structure apparently surfaced in Romania. What does all of this mean? No idea. But we’ll be the first to tell you if we find out because who knows?”

Tucker did not make any sort of reference to “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which is the source material that everyone is drawing on when they use the word “monolith” to describe this weird object. In the Arthur C. Clarke novels and the Stanley Kubrick film, these objects — placed by an unknown group of space aliens in order to uplift intelligent species they encounter around the universe — spark major advancements in human history. For example, when a group of apes encounter one of them at the beginning of the film, it sparks by some means their eventual evolution into humans.

We should note that the “2001” monoliths are black and non-reflective, unlike the one that popped up in Utah.

You can watch the relevant portion of Monday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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