Tucker Carlson Thinks Encouraging Vaccinations With Free Food Is a Stoner Move

Tucker said states are trying to “bribe the dummies” with free food and state lotteries in exchange for vaccines

If you’ve gotten a free beer or taken Krispy Kreme up on its offer of a free doughnut in exchange for a coronavirus vaccine, Tucker Carlson thinks you should be ashamed of yourself.

Specifically, Tucker thinks people who did this are “dummies” who fell for a “bribe.” And the people bribing you, he says, are basically stoners.

On Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tucker railed against efforts states are making to encourage people to get vaccinated by offering them free stuff.

“Across the country, rather than explaining why the coronavirus vaccine might be a good idea, it’s merits, you’re seeing politicians decide they will bribe the dummies they govern to take their medicine,” Tucker said. He then turned his attention to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, who announced this week that Ohioans who get fully vaccinated are eligible to take part in a $5 million raffle, which awards $1 million to five winners beginning May 26.

“Oh, that’s not patronizing or ridiculous,” Tucker said about DeWine’s plan.

Tucker also criticized New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced he’d partner with the burger chain Shake Shack to give vaccinated New Yorkers free fries and promoted the idea at a press conference where he ate a burger and fries for breakfast. Tucker said this approach was something only a “stoner” would come up with, and accused de Blasio of smoking too much weed.

Tucker called de Blasio, among other things, “filthy and stoned” and criticized his efforts to try and get New Yorkers to get the vaccine. Keep in mind, New York City has over 775,609 residents test positive and 32,966 deaths since the pandemic began.

“Bill de Blasio smokes a ton of weed so he sees everything from a stoner’s point of view,” Tucker said.

Then, he mockingly added, “I’m Bill de Blasio, I’m so high I can’t think straight, what would I want?” Needless to say Bill de Blasio has paired up with Shake Shack to give free fries to anyone who’s been vaccinated,” Tucker said.

It’s long been speculated that de Blasio hangs out with Puff the Magic Dragon every now and again; as evidenced in this 2015 Gothamist post called “The Top 10 Most Stoned Young De Blasio Photos.” But Tucker took that joke a step further this evening.

“To pitch the program, Bill de Blasio ate fries. We can prove it,” Tucker joked before cutting to the clip of de Blasio at the press conference. When it was over, Tucker complained, “the worst part about hosting a TV show is you have to wear an earpiece so when oafish stoners eat fries, the mouth sounds go right into your ear and it’s disgusting.”

Evidently later in the show Tucker didn’t mind the “mouth sounds” so much, because he had on Breitbart columnist Chadwick Moore as a guest, and Moore shoveled fistfuls fries into his mouth the entire time he spoke in an attempt to further mock de Blasio.

All these efforts to reward people with stuff for getting the vaccine might seem trivial but the reason they exist taps into the primal “what’s in it for me” instinct, which many Americans use as a justification for not getting vaccinated. Of course, besides free food, there’s the obvious benefits of being inoculated against a deadly virus that’s already killed half a million Americans and counting — plus the ability to know you can safely go about your business without infecting other people — but hey, in the end, it doesn’t really matter why people choose to get vaccinated, as long as they do.

Ultimately, Tucker’s opinions on vaccines don’t matter, those of medical experts do. Recall too, that a federal judge recently ruled in a case that Tucker isn’t at all a credible source of news.

Watch the clip, mouth sounds and all, at the top of the page.


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