Tucker Carlson Thinks ‘We’re Still Not Precisely Sure How George Floyd Died’ (Video)

“Videos never do prove anything,” Carlson said during the opening segment of his show on Tuesday

The death of George Floyd was well documented by onlookers and security cameras, and two separate autopsies determined that his death was a homicide. But that didn’t stop Tucker Carlson from trying to act like new body cam footage leaked to the Daily Mail this week somehow changes the story completely.

Tucker started the lengthy opening portion of his show on Tuesday acknowledging that Floyd’s death was a monumental event in American history, and then went straight to acting as though we really know nothing about this case at all.

“On Memorial Day weekend of this year, a man called George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis, and America has not been the same since. It may never be the same. In the months following that incident, Floyd’s death has been used to justify a nationwide convulsion of violence, destruction, looting, in some cases killing, and all of that in addition to unprecedented levels of political upheaval. The wholesale reordering of our most basic institutions,” Carlson exaggerated.

“Floyd’s death changed everything. It was a pivot point in American history. No matter what side you’re on, that’s very clear at this point. So with all of that in mind, the significance of the event in mind, it’s striking how little we really know months later about how exactly George Floyd died. The official storyline is clear, it couldn’t be clearer. Established news organizations state as a matter of factual certainty that Floyd was, in the words of NBC News and so many others, quote, murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.”

The autopsies performed by the county medical examiner and by independent pathologists who were brought in by Floyd’s family agree that Floyd’s death was a homicide. Meaning it was the actions of the police officers involved that caused his death, regardless of any other medical issues Floyd may have had. Derek Chauvin, the cop who famously knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes despite Floyd’s plea that he couldn’t breathe and the protests of many witnesses, is awaiting trial on murder charges.

But Tucker nonetheless tried to sell his viewers on the idea that we really don’t know anything about what happened.

“We’re still not precisely sure how George Floyd died,” Carlson claimed, before once again invoking the supposed threat of cancel culture.

“Ask too many inconvenient, unauthorized questions about George Floyd, and you’ll be banned from the internet. The catechism has been written and it’s in stone. George Floyd is a martyr. Period. That’s all you need to know. Shut up.

“But in America, that’s not good enough. It’s not a real answer. In free societies citizens have a right to know why things are changing so quickly. On what grounds are we dismantling police departments, rewriting curriculums, firing people from their jobs? What exactly is the basis of this cultural revolution that we’re all living through?”

The possible solution, Tucker said, comes from a new body cam video that was leaked by the Daily Mail on Monday. The video shows the cops’ encounter with Floyd before he was pinned on the ground in front of a crowd of onlookers. The first clip shown on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” featured one officer pointing his gun at Floyd while he was still in his own car.

Tucker then spends the next several minutes weaving a new tale about Floyd, one in which he was so unruly that the police were forced to manhandle him. At no point during the video does Floyd show any aggression toward the police officers.

Carlson also played up the fact that Floyd had Fentanyl in his system and crediting that with his issues breathing, a narrative that began with a dramatically misleading preliminary autopsy report delivered by Minneapolis police in May. Once again, both autopsies actually determined that Floyd’s death was a homicide.

“Now by itself the video proves nothing. Videos never do prove anything conclusively,” Carlson claimed.

You can watch the relevant portion of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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